Zuerst kommt das Fressen,
dann kommt die Moral

series of experiments and explorations on and through foods.

Zuerst kommt das Fressen, dann kommt die Moral, is a serie of experiments with and about food that the artist developed over the year 2013. The research is mainly about the cooking techniques and the ingredients, that are combined together in an unconventional approach in order to let the audience experience food and cooking traditions in a non-ordinary way.

The recipes are selected and studied on the level of chemical and physical reactions, that are then hacked and lead to unexpected results. Some dishes are changing their color, other become conductive and drive electricity, some other are surprising in their appearance or taste.

The research can be proposed in different ways, from the cooking performance, to a normal buffet-situation, until the workshop; what is common in all those situations is the tendency of sharing impressions and traditions about food and different cultures, often related to topic such as food technology and contemporary eating practice.